The company was originally formed to manage the portions of a construction project that required special attention. Furthermore, to provide excellent guidance in specifying quality building components and contract conditions to allow Owners or Contractors in the design/build stage an opportunity to:

• Establish a definite scope of work.
• Benefit from improved/proper specifications that outline the necessary scope of work.
• Construct an optimal project but yet stay within their budget.
• Choose the building team members or contractor that best fits their scope of work.

“Since the forming of the company in 2006, Cardinal I Management Group has evolved to also distribute and provide specific materials and building packages. These materials are a wide variety of items that are normally associated with the design or consulting stage of the project, when the project is in its early stage with the Owner/Contractor or simply when the project requires a qualified specialty material that Cardinal I distributes or provides. Cardinal I has the full capability to develop a complete bid package for projects of all sizes.”